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Also known as the New Zealand Yam here is a healthy alternative to the humble potato.  Oca has less calories than a potato!

Although not difficult to grow they are frost sensitive and will require a little nurturing.  We recommend starting the tubers in pots and keeping frost protected until planting out in late May when the soil is warm.  Plant leaving at least 90cm (36″) between plants so that the tubers can develop.

The tubers do not form and swell until autumn when days shorten and temperatures fall.  The plants need leaving at this point until the first hard frosts, this will then help the foliage die down.

When the foliage has completely died down you can begin to harvest, this is usually late November/December but the longer you can leave them in the ground the better.  Unused tubers can be kept in a cool, well lit, frost free place until shooting starts and then they can be replanted for the next crop.

4 tubers per pack.

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