Potato Grow Bag


If your looking to grow your own potatoes but have limited space these attractive grow bags are a great idea.

Easy to use and ideal for small gardens and patios these are perfect for budding gardeners young and old.  Potatoes are easy to grow and the results can be rewarding. 

Bag size approx 30cm x 30cm x 45cm

Each bag will take 3 seed potatoes, and 40 litres of compost

With drainage holes

Potatoes and compost not supplied.

Potato Grow Bag How to use :-
Choose a sheltered location with good drainage.

Fill the bag two thirds full of compost and water so that the compost is moist.

Place 3 tubers on top of the compost, evenly spaced, approx. 15cm (6”) apart.

Be careful not to damage any that may have already chitted (sprouted).

Cover with another 10cm (4”) of compost and water again.

Check weekly, watering if required and checking the bag is not becoming water logged.

As the plants grow add more compost until the bag is full.  Additional potatoes will grow from covered stems.  For best results, add a liquid fertilizer no more than once every two weeks (a liquid tomato feed will suffice).

After approx. 12 weeks, the potatoes should be ready to harvest.  If any potatoes are green, this is because they have been too close to the surface and have been exposed to sunlight.  Do not eat green parts as these are poisonous.  After harvesting, empty the compost onto your garden and re-use the bag for growing other vegetables.

Chitting potatoes is the process of starting growth before planting in the bag.  This is optional for spring planting but can result in quicker growth.  Place tubers in a single layer in a tray or egg box in a light and warm place.  When the ‘eyes’ have opened and shoots are visible (after at least two weeks) you can plant them out as described above.


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