Red Sun Shallots


Classed as the best red shallot this variety has a sweet taste that is ideal for cooking and salads.

Planted in Spring for harvesting in August.

Shallots are easy to grow and require little maintenance.

Plant in a sunny position and well-drained soil. It is worth preparing the planting area several weeks in advance by incorporating some well-rotted garden compost to improve drainage and soil fertility.  If you are prone to wet ground try growing in raised beds or containers.  Plant shallots in rows with the tip of each bulb only just protruding through the surface of the soil. Leave a space of 18cm (7″) between each bulb, leaving 30cm (12″) between rows.

After planting the sets it maybe wise to protect them with netting to prevent them being attacked by birds and insects.

To harvest choose a dry day and loosen them from the ground with a fork. Leave them on the soil surface for a couple of days or until they’ve fully dried in the sun. Once dry, remove the top foliage and store them in a cool, well ventilated, dry place.

10 sets per pack.

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