Shallot Grow Bag


Grow your own even in limited space.

This fantastic grow bag idea comes with 5 Red Sun shallots just add compost.

To grow you will need 40 litres of multi-purpose compost per bag (not included).
Choose a sheltered location with good drainage.
Fill the bag with compost and water so that the compost is moist.
Plant the shallots 3cm (1″) deep and 12cm (5″) apart.  Check the shallots every few days and re-plant any that have been disturbed by birds etc. until growth starts.
Keep the soil moist during the growing period.
In late summer/early autumn the leaves will start to die down.
This means they are about ready to harvest.  Bend the leaves over and a few days later, ease the shallots out of the compost.  A few days later again, lift them clear of the soil and leave on the surface to ripen.  When dry, rub off loose skins and roots.  Store in a cool, dry and frost free place in trays.



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